Emdash uses AI to organize text snippets so you can actually remember & learn from what you read.


  • Conceptual cousins

    On-device AI analysis finds passages with similar ideas from other authors, often from a different angle.

  • Instant semantic search

    Find what youʼre looking for with both full-text search and deeper semantic matching of fuzzy ideas.

  • Tag, rate, note, reflect

    Organize with tags, add ratings, and annotate your thoughts. Export back to epub for review on your e-reader.

  • Roll the dice, change your lens

    Unearth ideas youʼve forgotten about via random discovery. Rephrase dense concepts and re-explain with metaphors.

  • No lock-in

    Bring in your highlights from your Kindle or as json, csv, or manual input. Export instantly to the same open formats.

  • Open-source & offline first

    On-device analysis means your collection stays on your device until you opt into advanced features.


  • Lenses — summarize & rephrase complex ideas
  • Socratic switch — interview your books
  • Cross-device syncing and backup
  • Publishing / sharing excerpts
  • Sturdier gardening tools

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